Managing Money During Retirement
Defined Withdrawals
 A strategy for steady, dependable, and long-term investment income.

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The Defined Withdrawals strategy was developed by the father and son team of Roger and Kevin Katzenmaier.  In the early '90s the pair never planned to sell software.  Kevin an engineer, and Roger a CPA, were simply experimenting with some algorithms that Roger would later use with his clients.  The resulting software, originally titled the Investment Scenario Generator or ISG, proved so helpful to Roger's clients that they licensed the algorithm to Brentmark Software.  It was made commercially available with an accompanying book in 1996.  The software has since undergone several upgrades and a couple of name changes!  For a while, in an attempt to better describe the investment income focus, it was called the Retirement Income Navigator.  But by that time the ISG name had stuck.  So it was changed back to ISG but as the Income Strategy Generator rather then the Investment Scenario Generator.

More important than the name is the gap that it fills in modern day retirement planning.  As we head into the second half of the "401(k) Experiment", we all want and need baby boomers to make the most of their financial resources, stay calm, and not panic when the market has it's usual downturns.  Yet there has been very little education or national dialogue about how to manage investments for steady and dependable income---while investing in financial markets that can be anything but steady and dependable.  We're asking a lot for people to become their own pension fund managers, and without proper education and plans, we could face another financial crisis equal to or worse than the recent mortgage crisis.

We invite you to explore the many free resources available on this website.  We're confident that you will find a compelling message that is different from other financial planning sites.  We also hope that you will consider mentioning us in your reporting and articles.  Journalist are in a particularly good position to help head off a "401(k) Phase 2 Crisis" because the fix is awareness and education.  We need your help to spread the message and to elevate the national conversation beyond Withdrawal Rate to Withdrawal Strategy.  If you would like more information, quotes, or to speak with the creators of the Defined Withdrawals strategy, send us a note at:


Creating an income ladder using ordinary bank certificates of deposit is not difficult.  In fact the free online calculator at makes it easy.  CLICK HERE  

Free Book Download
This book explains how to use the ISG software, but it is much more than a software manual.  It is a comprehensive guide to managing investment and retirement income.  Learn about different investment income strategies, dollar-price erosion, income ladders, the new role that diversification plays when investing for income, the important difference between investing in bonds vs. bond funds, trend-line analysis, etc. CLICK HERE

Free Investment Income Simulator
In real life there are no do-overs, but with the Investment Income Simulator you can practice managing investments for income.  If you run out of money, click the repeat button and try a new strategy! CLICK HERE

A Nightmare On Wall Street
We recommend viewing this free presentation before using the Investment Income Simulator. CLICK HERE


Retirement Income Software
The unique ISG software is designed specifically for developing sophisticated retirement income plans using the Defined Withdrawals strategy. CLICK HERE 


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