Managing Money During Retirement
Defined Withdrawals
 A strategy for steady, dependable, and long-term investment income.


Note: The Income Strategy Generator software was previously called the Investment Scenario Generator.

"Just wanted to let you guys know how much we love your stuff.  It's right on as far as we're concerned.  We use it with all of our retirees.  20 years in the business, and I was doing it all wrong.  Now I think I'm doing a better job than ever for our clients.  Thanks a million."

      Bill Daily
Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.


"Thank you for introducing me to the ISG and the philosophy behind it.  It is several cuts above anything I have seen or used.

Our clients are amazed at the capabilities of the program, and so am I..."

      Herbert F. Mischke, CLU
Chartered Financial Consultant
Past President, National Association of Life Underwriters


"... You have done an excellent job developing this software.  The powerful algorithms used to generate the various investment scenarios are well packaged into an easy to use interface. This program certainly allows users to get a much better idea of possible retirement outcomes and, as a result, significantly improves their ability to effectively plan for retirement."

      Dennis L. Senneseth, CFA
Managing Director, Mitchell Hutchins Asset Management Inc.


"In my 25 years as a professional money manager I have wanted a simple, user-friendly investment tool to help determine the proper asset mix for clients. I believe the Investment Scenario Generator is the best program I have seen so far."

      Frederick K. Martin
Managing Principal, Disciplined Growth Investors










Creating an income ladder using ordinary bank certificates of deposit is not difficult.  In fact the free online calculator at makes it easy.  CLICK HERE  

Free Book Download
This book explains how to use the ISG software, but it is much more than a software manual.  It is a comprehensive guide to managing investment and retirement income.  Learn about different investment income strategies, dollar-price erosion, income ladders, the new role that diversification plays when investing for income, the important difference between investing in bonds vs. bond funds, trend-line analysis, etc. CLICK HERE

Free Investment Income Simulator
In real life there are no do-overs, but with the Investment Income Simulator you can practice managing investments for income.  If you run out of money, click the repeat button and try a new strategy! CLICK HERE

A Nightmare On Wall Street
We recommend viewing this free presentation before using the Investment Income Simulator. CLICK HERE


Retirement Income Software
The unique ISG software is designed specifically for developing sophisticated retirement income plans using the Defined Withdrawals strategy. CLICK HERE 


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